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FAQ (frequently asked questions) 


How do I become involved with Artists of Galway?

On our Fáilte or homepage you will se a Be Involved icon in the right hand margin.  Click on it, enter you details  and we will be in touch.

With whom does copyright stay?

Copyright will always stay with the owner or originator of the creation. Artists of Galway is a promotional facility and does not aspire to owning content.

What type of material will you feature?

 AOG will display content that is deemed to have artistic or aesthetic merit. It will not display offensive or gratuitous material in any genre. It will not display any content deemed potentially libellous, slanderous or blasphemous.

What is AOG selection process for featured artists, photographers etc?

In the main we will feature artists with a Galway connection but not to the exclusion of everyone else. The displayed artists will go through the AOG appreciation process and shortlisted candidates will be displayed.  Due to pressure of space and resources, no guarantee is given that all meritorious content will be exhibited.

How will you know that the sender is the owner and originator of the submitted work and that it has not been plagiarised from a third party?

The AOG platform is being built on a basis of trust. Senders will be responsible for submitted content. Any displayed content that is disputed in terms of ownership will be removed and will only re-appear if the ownership matter is successfully resolved.

Are AOG content submissions limited to adults?

No. AOG will accept submissions from children but such submissions will require the verifiable support of a parent or guardian and be in keeping with child safety rules and regulations.

Why do I have to register through the “Be involved” tab on the website?

This is to give each contributor a standard way of recording their details.  Works will not be displayed until we have the permission of the artist to do so and a completed “Be involved” gives the required permission.

What dimensions should I mention?

The dimension we require is that of the work itself, not including the frame.  Purchasers will have the option of purchasing a piece of work – frameless.

What happens if the AOG concept does not gather momentum or is not supported by Galway’s artistic community?

AOG is a digital inclusive experiment and its success or lack of success will be reviewed early in 2014.

The interim period is being used as an incubation period.

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