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Cregal Art…for all your art supplies

cregalartCregal Art, on the Monivea Road, close to the big Eircom telecomms tower, has an extensive range of products to cater for the serious and not so serious artist.  They have plenty of parking there too, it’s very much a convenient artists, pop in store.  Tell them ArtistsofGalway sent you!

Visit their website at Cregal Art

A co-operative of Galway artists?

a co-operative of artists?

icos a,b, c...

icos a,b, c…

A co-operative structure was suggested to artistsofgalway and we thought we would run it by the viewers of the website and the artists in particular.  Would you personally support the idea? If so, let us have your comments via the website or by emailing your views to

ICOS ( is a national organization that supports the start-up or co-operatives. Such a structure would be advantageous to a group of new artists as it would;

  • formalise a structure of support and co-operation
  • reduce costs for everybody concerned
  • afford opportunities for group purchase e.g. discount on artists’ materials
  • create a brand
  • improve marketing and sales scope

Let artistsofgalway know what you think, please!

Arja Sweeney – 4 paintings

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Expressions of interest sought….participants for a city gallery

ArtistsofGalway is looking for expressions of interest from artists from all the disciplines who would be interested in seeing their work on display in a prominent Galway city venue.

The website has been approached by a long established Galway businessman who would like to pursue the idea of opening a gallery and display area with interested artists.

Such a development would be largely dependent on the support of the artists  themselves and subject to terms and conditions in everyone’s interest. The lead-in time would be a matter of weeks but the timing should dovetail nicely with the Christmas period,  a traditionally good time for selling.  At this time we are looking for comments (via the website itself), issues, queries or any matter that you, the artist, might like to air as we take a measure of its viability.

Comments may be made or questions raised via the email address too ;

If visitors to the website, artists, and any other interested party express interest in such a venture we will compile a very short audit with interested parties based on the issues raised e.g. cost, security, insurance etc.  Get writing and share your views .  A further consideration will be to organise a meeting of interested parties over the coming weeks to discuss further potential development plans.  All of the above will depend largely on your personal level of interest.

Comments of a positive or negative nature are being invited and the author of the comment will not be identified without his or her prior consent.

As the old adage goes…”opportunity comes to pause and not to stay”!

Guest artist…Peter Heelan

Our guest artist this month is Peter Heelan, originally from Dublin.

Peter’s work can be seen by clicking the link here

Artists of Galway now has followers in the UK and the USA as our site statistics show.

So to all you overseas followers of Artists of Galway, here’s a reminder of our contact details including the international code

+353 83 3284079

Raidió na Gaeltachta…go raibh maith agaibh!

Thanks to Raidió na Gaeltachta who carried the story of on the popular programme Iris Aniar this morning.  It also featured as a news item on their Western news bulletin  at 1pm and 6pm.   The recording of the programme will be uploaded to the site presently so that you can hear it for yourself!  Describing art on radio is a challenge but no doubt the broadcast will attract additional traffic to the website. will continue  to spread its word anyway it can!

You can also listen to it by following this link

iris aniar

and starting at a point 27 minutes and 55 seconds into the programme! (Slide the expanding green bar forward to the 27th minute mark.)

1.3 million visitors…getting there

Steve Jobs, founder of Apple, maintained that economies that embraced technology with creativity would flourish.

On the 9 August last,   Coláiste Lurgan, three miles beyond An Spidéal uploaded the following historic and classic video – Click on the following link

Coláiste Lurgan. In the interim period 1.3 million (and rising) people have viewed it. Comhghairdeas  Coláiste Lurgan.

This is pertinent to the work of  Artists of Galway in so far as it shows the power of the internet in disseminating quality product.

Artists of Galway are producing quality products and it is reckoned that it is only a matter of time and exposure before the results start pouring in.

Thanks to all of those artists who have registered their interest. Join the growing band.

Four more artists will feature presently on AOG – watch out for them!

Artists Talking

Creating  an ideas forum where artists could swap ideas and collaborate

art-forum1In the research that brought about this website, it became apparent that there are many “hidden” artists in Galway.  Some would have held exhibitions, now and then, others just have their works displayed at home, or have been given as gifts to friends and family.  Few had a “web” presence.  In other words, they had little or no exposure at an international level on the internet.  It was Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple computing, that said (not an exact quote) that economies that allowed creativity and technology to come together would flourish – in a sense this website is trying to prove him right.

There was one common thread between all of the artists researched.  All of them had wonderful pieces of art looking for a home.  Many a room or garret scattered around Galway have paintings, photographs and sketches that await a wider audience.  Several had bubblewrap around  them having just come back from an exhibition or framer. In this writer’s view many of them were absolutely marvellous creations.

So, another goal of this website will be to get those hidden artists talking through this website for those with internet access, and for those who do not we will try in due course to get an occasional mailshot going or at a minimum issue news via text.

It is a further goal of to create an ideas forum where artists could swap ideas and collaborate on getting Galway’s art moving and selling.  This website will welcome ideas and recommendations from participating artists. Get writing to us please!

A new website to showcase the work of Artists of Galway

EL_welcomeSince August 1st, 2013, Artists of Galway have got a new website, called This new venture will give great opportunity to many younger and older talented artists in Galway to display their works on the worldwide web. “We are giving this digital experiment about three months to see if artists will take to it, and if it proves as popular as the literary page in the Galway Advertiser we will endeavour to keep it going,” said Uinseann Mac Thómais, the founder of this website and the General Administrator of the Galway Review.  Artists from all of the genres can submit work by email through or inquire by text to 0833284079.

The team of are now embarking on a new trawl to find the hidden artists, photographers, sketchers and cartoonists of Galway and are inviting sample submissions from artists of all genres with a view to having a co-operative that will help in the sales and promotion of such artistic creations.

“It’s a truism to say that if you are not on the web, you do not exist, certainly in a commercial context, and because of Galway’s hidden talent, we felt would act as a boost and encouragement for people who might like the opportunity of turning their talent into potentially new income stream. We hope that the artists of Galway will seize the opportunity,” said the web-master of this new venture Ndrek Gjini. The website was launched on 1 August 2013 and has already achieved a significant number of visits.

Ealaíontóirí na Gaeltachta

tumblr_m7u076RRx71qb30dwo1_500Deirtear go gcothaíonn an fharraige, na sléibhte, lochanna agus an dúlra go ginearálta an intinn dóibh siúd a thugann suntas do na hiontais sin. Tá tréith na héalaíona neadaithe ar fud Chonamara freisin idir amhráin, damhsa, drámaíocht agus filíocht gan trácht ar scéalaíocht agus scríbhneoireacht. Ina measc sin uile tá ealaíon na súl.  Is iomaí griangraf nó píosa ealaíona atá crochta ar bhallaí i dteaghlaigh na Gaeltachta agus gan eolas ná fáisneis ar fáil faoin údar.  Sé sprioc ArtistsofGalway cuidiú le hathrú an stádais sin. Seol do shaothar chugainn ag artistsofgalway@gmail agus fáilteofar go mór roimhe!