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A great artist is always before his time or behind it


Art DigitalDear Artist, is a service being set up at present to facilitate the large number of artists in Galway whose work remains hidden, in the main, at a Galway, national and international level. We thought it might interest you to become involved and to share your art, Galway’s art with the world! Here’s how it will work and the building exercise begins from the month of August 2013.

  • The website is being constructed.
  • Each participant artist will have his/her own page on this collaborative website
  • Each artist will be invited to submit, a short bio, a picture of themself (optional) and 5 images of examples of their work
  • Each image will indicate  the price of the piece, the dimensions of the piece and the medium
  • An inquiry form or sales form will form part of the website too where the inquirer will be put in direct contact with the artist or as a second option, where the website will act as a broker between the artist and the potential buyer.
  • Participant artists will also have an opportunity to have an exhibition in a Galway Theatre, but this is subject to finalising terms with the theatre itself.
  • The website will allow for artists to promote their work at events of their own and will give advance notice of such an event.
  • In the event of an artist making a sale via the website, the artist concerned will be invited to make a small percentage donation of the sale to the upkeep of the website itself.
  • will be cross-referenced with Facebook, and to maximise exposure for participant artists.
  • An initial fee of €20 will be sought from each participant artist for a registration period of 3 months. The project will fly or die in this period, and nobody will be too much out of pocket as a result as the burden of costs will be shared among the participant group

The proposers for the concept are Ndrek Gjini and Uinseann Mac Thómais, both of whom run the popular websites and  (50,000 visits) which also has a featured literary page in the Galway Advertiser on a weekly basis under the banner of  Peann agus Pár. Both, too, have been involved in the arts in Galway for a combined total of many years!

To become involved please follow this link, where you will be invited to submit some very brief details, all of which will not be shared with any third party without your prior authority.

We look forward to your response and expressions of interest.

Yours sincerely,

Uinseann Mac Thómais and Ndrek Gjini


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