In the coming days we will try a sales experiment using the text-a-bid system. A voluntary sample artist will be selected and their work piece displayed under the Text-a-bid banner.  If you want to be the first to try the experiment, let us know.  What we will need from you is  a) a single piece of work, b) its title c) an expected price for it and d) any other pertinent detail e.g. dimensions and framing.  Before you submit any of the above, just send us your name and tell us you want to be part of the text-a-bid experiment. We will get back to you if you are selected for this month’s display. Marketing tips: Where possible give your piece a title.  Some purchasers buy because of a fondness for a location. With others it might be a mood thing e.g. Prelude to a storm. Adding a frame, adds value. Consider adding a frame of quality material. Don’t  be over ambitious with you price/sale expectation.  Value your time,, skill, materials, and try to fix price at an appropriate level .  Don’t overstate or understate an expected price.