Artists of Galway is considering a text-a-bid scheme and would very much welcome your comments and suggestions as to its feasibility.  It might work something like this:

Artists would join the scheme by registering with the website and paying an annual fee.  This fee would allow them to display 5 paintings a month for the 12 months of the year. Sixty  paintings or works by the featured artists would get worldwide exposure via the website.

On our Text-a-bid page consumers or customers, with a genuine interest, would be invited too to register on the website for an annual fee. Under terms and conditions, this annual fee would allow them to make bids on the featured works.

In this sample case Artist X who has a Connemara mountainscape  painting has an expectation that his/her work is worth €530.  It is displayed with that price expectation.
The viewing audience is then invited to text-a-bid to the website mobile number and say, the best bid that comes in is €475.  The bidder is then put in touch with the artist to finalise the transaction. In order to encourage bidding a deadline time and date would be applied at the artist’s discretion.

No new scheme is without risk.  Yet, if we apply the Chinese saying and get our thinking caps on we might be able to avert those risks.  The Chinese saying goes “One mind is no mind. Two minds is half a mind. Three minds is one mind”.  If all contributors put their joint mind to this, a workable Text-a-bid scheme might evolve.

The hoped for outcome of the Text-a-bid scheme would be sales for individual artists. Fees  accrued  through the scheme would go towards the running and upkeep of the website and the administration of the scheme itself.

If you feel that the Text-a-bid scheme would work to your advantage, let us have your comments please.

If you feel that it is a “non-runner’” let us know your reasons and we will try and find solutions.

Comments can be made via the website itself or by writing to