Creating  an ideas forum where artists could swap ideas and collaborate

art-forum1In the research that brought about this website, it became apparent that there are many “hidden” artists in Galway.  Some would have held exhibitions, now and then, others just have their works displayed at home, or have been given as gifts to friends and family.  Few had a “web” presence.  In other words, they had little or no exposure at an international level on the internet.  It was Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple computing, that said (not an exact quote) that economies that allowed creativity and technology to come together would flourish – in a sense this website is trying to prove him right.

There was one common thread between all of the artists researched.  All of them had wonderful pieces of art looking for a home.  Many a room or garret scattered around Galway have paintings, photographs and sketches that await a wider audience.  Several had bubblewrap around  them having just come back from an exhibition or framer. In this writer’s view many of them were absolutely marvellous creations.

So, another goal of this website will be to get those hidden artists talking through this website for those with internet access, and for those who do not we will try in due course to get an occasional mailshot going or at a minimum issue news via text.

It is a further goal of to create an ideas forum where artists could swap ideas and collaborate on getting Galway’s art moving and selling.  This website will welcome ideas and recommendations from participating artists. Get writing to us please!