Join in and let’s see how far we can take it!

i-ce27125642eb44ac1fe55a13cec1d56c-hand_of_god“A picture paints a thousand words” is an old adage. To be able to express yourself through colour and images, designs, patterns, portraits and drawings is indeed a great gift not to be underestimated. The ability to capture a mood, a view, an emotion through a photograph awakens the senses also. In a digital age we are now being bombarded with all type of images, some taken in an opportunistic instant and others thought out with the artist’s eye for detail. While everyone appreciates a good image, a snapshot or photo probably the type that most resonates with us is the one that brings familiarity or memories to the fore. Artists of Galway is about locality, the everyday wonders that surround us and that we frequently fail to see due to the hustle and bustle of daily living. It is also about exposing talent to a wider audience, a sharing of what Galway people hold dear, the characters, the seascapes, the abundant flora and fauna, even the light and the ever changing moods of Galway Bay’s skies.

Our visual artistic spectrum invites the cartoonist’s contribution also. A gem of wit captured in a simple drawing. Often through the skill of the cartoonist an image will stay in the mind of the beholder long after words accompanying will have been forgotten. In the sixties just after the advent of an Irish TV service the popular magazine The Dublin Opinion published a cartoon of a seanchaí sitting on the hob by the fire, pipe in hand, and looking forlornly in the direction of his family group, including Mamó in a shawl, who were huddled around a TV set and totally absorbed by it. The caption under the cartoon read “Will ye listen to me?”

At the outset of the book The Element by Sir Kenneth Robinson he tells the story of the young girl who is questioned by her teacher who asks “What are you doing?” The little girl replies “I am drawing a picture of God”. Her teacher, taken aback slightly, says “But, nobody knows what God looks like…” and the little girl responds “They will in a minute!” Robinson’s book, as the name suggests, is how people discover their particular “element” and turn it into a career or income source with the added benefit of doing something the person thoroughly enjoys.

The editors of Artists of Galway know from their research that there are many talented artists in the city and county and the artists of Galway platform aspires to being a conduit for their latent abilities.

Join in and let’s see how far we can take it!

Artists of Galway Team